Jonah Hall

Bay Area, U.S.

I am a teacher, writer, husband, (new) father, and hoops junkie. Writing evens me out, and keeps me from getting stuck inside my head. I've loved writing since I was about twelve, and basketball since I was about eight. I often combine the two, which resulted in this basketball-themed memoir. I grew up around Boston, which means the Celtics are in my blood. I've lived in the Bay Area since 2003, which means I've seen the Warriors rise from close-up. Most of the writing in this collection comes from 2008-2015, though there are a few essays that were added in the last year.

As Patricia Hampl states, "I write in order to find out what I know."

As Shel Silverstein states, "Draw a crazy picture / Write a nutty poem / Sing a mumble-gumble song / Whistle through your comb."

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