LEipzig, Germany

The Author - born in Leipzig, lives in Leipzig

- mid sixties, started with a 6x6 twin-lenses reflex camera
- seventies, changed to 35mm SLR cameras
- early eighties, departure from SLR to M39 Rangefinder cameras
- 1980–1985 Open pit mine landscape
Leipzig Main Station
- late eighties: some years off from taking pictures
(SEE the world instead picture the world)
- early nineties, 35mm compact camera
- Late nineties, digital cameras used as work equipment
- October 2001 Body/Measuring with a 6x8 middle format camera
- From 2002, back to SLR cameras and fixed focal length lenses
- 2002 to date: series Faces
- 2002 Banal Photos
- September 2002 to date series People in Galleries
- 2003 Ponte 25 de Abril
- May 2004 to date, also a digital pocket camera used
- 2004 Leipzig at Twilight
- September 2005 to date series Sittenbilder
- 2005 to date city images: Lisbon, Rome, Barcelona
- 2006 to date series Fairytale Places

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