Joaquin Gonzalez Dorao

Madrid, Spain

I was born in Cádiz (Spain) in 1962 and lived there until I moved to Sevilla to study Biology at the University. After 3 years I left my Biology studies for a Photography course in Madrid, where I settled down and live nowadays, working as a freelance illustrator.
My passion for watercolours runs parallel to my living for travel. I started doing watercolours as a way to illustrate Travel Diaries, making quick sketches of people and places I came across while wandering around the world. Those sketches gave way to bigger and more elaborate drawings and watercolours, widening the way I look at the World around us.
I am a member of the Spanish SocSociety of Watercolour Artists (AEDA) and have exhibited my work at collective exhibitions. In 2002 and 2004 I won the 1st prize of the “Annual Travel Diaries Competition” and my work appeared in an article about travel diaries in the Sunday edition of El País Semanal on august 4th 2002.
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