The Kitchen Sisters Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson

San Francisco, California, USA

The Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, are award winning documentary radio producers whose stories are heard on NPR, BBC and public broadcast networks worldwide. They are the creators of the duPont Columbia Award-winning HIDDEN KITCHENS series on NPR's Morning Edition, and HIDDEN KITCHENS TEXAS, an hour-long radio special narrated by Willie Nelson.

The Kitchen Sisters are also the creators of the Peabody Award winning LOST AND FOUND SOUND series on NPR and the post 9-11 SONIC MEMORIAL PROJECT, produced with Jay Allison. They are the authors of HIDDEN KITCHENS: STORIES, RECIPES AND MORE published by Rodale. Currently, they are producing an NPR and online series about girls around the world.

Books by The Kitchen Sisters Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson