Latifa Jennings

Lynnwood, WA, US

I am a Teacher and Lifelong Student. My name is Latifa, which was given to me at birth and overtime I birthed the name eLuvated. I am here to spread love, be love, give love, receive love and to do things I love and enjoy doing. Writing is one of those things; for so long I have been able to express myself with writing and I kept it to myself as I used it to heal. I used it to grow. I used it to simply be me. I also do yoga offering intuitive classes and I podcast to further express myself. Feel free to touch basis with me by clicking my website link. I am grateful to share my gifts. I decided to turn my free-verse poetry stored on my iPhone into a collection of books. Balanced Expressions: Volume 1 is just the beginning of more to come. Thank you for sharing this moment with me. May this inspire you to pursue all that there is for you. You got this! We are just getting started and we are taking off!

Books by Latifa Jennings