<br> Thai massage is a traditional therapy that blends the traditional Indian Ayurvedic methods, Thai positions, as well as Acupressure. The idea of Shen lines or energy lines could be used in the past to provide "Thai massage". These lines are similar to Nadis according to the old philosophy of Yang-Yin. In the world of Indian Astrology, the Yang (male) along with the yang (female) are the two faces of our universe. The universal healing art Thailand's Thai massage has made this concept an accepted practice.<br><br> <br><br><br><br> <br><br>There have been many speculations about the benefits of the traditional Thai massage. The theory is that it increases one's energy, health and fertility and also increase immunity to illnesses. Thai massage therapists can also be licensed under supervision from the master practitioner. It is possible to find Thai massage facilities all over Thailand and you are able to be able to relax on your own o