Brandon Walker

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Just a guy living in Philadelphia who decided to publish a book of poems. I used to write a lot when I was younger, and there was a period when I wrote consistently over the years. This book is a culmination of my writing. Though short, it really just categorizes my writing style and some of my beliefs. Take it as they come, judge me, and understand that at the end of the day, I wrote it for love. Hopefully, it is readable, I wrote it on a whim. I Sat in my room on a weekend, had a few cigarettes and some marijuana, and decided to write a book of poems. I vaguely remember a flock of crows outside my window as I wrote. It was an experience.

I hope you enjoy my book and that my words bring joy or comfort to your world. If my words bring you down or give you misery, I am sorry. I aimed to simply write, and that is what I did. I'm not the most intelligent man I'll admit, so again, take each word and line of poetry as they come. Do enjoy the life you live, and live on! #Peace

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