Nuno Reis Gonçalves

Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. Sapin

Nuno Reis Gonçalves was born in 1978 in a town called Castelo Branco, but always lived in Fundão. In the year of 1998, he moved to Lisbon to study Sciences of Communication which envisages a curriculum in Journalism. In 1999, He bought his first camera for an assignment at university and since that time he has never stopped photographing.

He as lived in Lisbon (Portugal), Kyparissia (Greece), London (England) and Dublin (ROI). Currently, Nuno lives in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.

Nuno photographs always with the aim at the story about the people and their different cultures. Through four continents, from North to South Africa, North and South America, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Nuno has collaborated as a freelancer photographer for the A23 Online, for "Jornal do Fundao" and for the United Photo Press Organization.

Some of his photographs have been used for travel books, like for example "As rotas do sonho", by Tiago Salazar.

Books by Nuno Reis Gonçalves