Paul Griesbach

Richmond, Virginia

Paul S. Griesbach has been dedicated to helping young people achieve their goals since 1986.

He has served with Youth For Christ, The John Maxwell Team, and in ministries through-out the United States.

Paul has led Preschoolers to Young Adults to triumph in a world that is often confusing to them, leaving no one left behind.

Today, Paul brings this experience to your family to help your child develop their foundational reading skills, and be set on the right track from here onward.

The Little Paul Books Series is the result of a collaborative effort with his wife, Laura Griesbach, who is a Speech-Language Pathologist. Together, they live in Richmond, Virginia with their pet dogs, Samson, Athena, and Riley, and cat, Leonidas.

Little Paul’s Barnyard Friends was released as a phonetically engineered book in 2018, and the next book in the series is expected to launch in the fall of 2019.

Your children will enjoy learning through the eyes of Little Paul and his dog, Samson.

Books by Paul Griesbach