Phil Wolstenholme

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Great Britain

Phil Wolstenholme is a digital artist based in Sheffield, Great Britain, and has been producing photographs within the local area and the Peak District for over 25 years.

Originally a Fine Art graduate of Sheffield Hallam University in 1986, Phil has also been a commercial computer graphics artist since 1988, producing many notable album covers (clients include Warp Records, Designers Republic, Cabaret Voltaire, The Orb, Strictly Rhythm, 808 State), magazine illustrations, video and animation.

His publishing company and design brand Heavy Everywhere® produces digital designs for fabric, fashion and couture, interior design and product decoration.

Phil has also worked within the 3D graphics software industry, helping design, test and demonstrate new (and occasionally award-winning) software, to enable artists to better express themselves through digital means.

Books by Phil Wolstenholme