tijuana smith


alright, i admit it. i LOVE food. i love to watch people cook food, i like to eat food, i like to talk about food and most of all, i like to watch people enjoy MY food!
as i was growing up, we rarely went out to eat. the funny thing about that is i hated it! every morning when i woke up to see a frozen pack of chicken thawing in the sink, i knew that meant my mom was cooking and we were not going to mcdonalds. lol. well, since that pack of chicken was in the sink often, i grew up watching my mother cooking everyday in the kitchen. she always made food from scratch and rarely measured anything. unbeknownst to me, my mom was making financially conscious decisions that i didn't realize by cooking at home. when i was old enough to appreciate my mother's home cooked meals, that is when my love for cooking evolved.
now since the tables have turned and i am a stay at home mommy of 4, it is funny to see the look on my kids faces when i pull out yet another pack of chicken!

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