Sheshanah Smith

Kansas City, MO

Hi! Welcome! I love to make stories that can be deep without drowning you. I love to write good characters that I personally would like to know and hang out with, and bad characters that you hope lose in the end.

You will NEVER find sexually explicit content in any of my stories. At the same time you will more than likely find a lot of politically incorrect content... If I want to write about a strong female lead who can save herself, I will but not because society demands it. If I want to write about a heroic man saving a woman, I will because I love the idea of men being strong and capable and needed.

I like to be real and honest, but sometimes a person just wants to read a story that is different then their current circumstance.
Because of my faith, I interlace my Christ and His goodness all through my stories, but that doesn't mean my characters are perfect. I'm not here to tell you what you believe is wrong; I'm here to write what I believe and leave it at that.

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