Seth Moyer

Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Seth Moyer is an amateur photographer who lives in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of Memorial Day, which is about 4 miles from University Park, the main campus of the Pennsylvania State University. Seth likes taking pictures, and will photograph pretty much everything, but prefers macro shots of very close-up subjects, landscape shots, shots of weather, and portraiture.

Seth lives with his parents, as well as his sisters Anna, 15 at the time of writing and Grace, 7 at the time of writing and his brother Sam, 12 at the time of writing. Sam has Down Syndrome and Grace is adopted from South Korea.

Other than Photography, Seth's favorite things to do are read, hang out with friends, play video games, play Wallyball or Dodgeball or Basketball, and take apart complex things of which he has little hope of putting back together.

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