Eric Otis Simmons

Atlanta, Georgia

Eric Otis Simmons is the CEO of ESE, Inc., a website development firm specializing in creating sites for compensation eligible College Athletes, High School Athletes, Authors, Poets, and others who seek to present their “Personal Brand” on the Internet. He recently branded his written works as ESETOMES (Eric Simmons Enterprises, Inc. plus the word Tomes, for books in a work of several volumes).
To date, he’s written, and self published four books. His Memoir, “Not Far From The Tree,” has been a multi-time Amazon “Best Seller,” as has his second book, “#HTSP - How to Self-Publish,” which is based on the steps he undertook to write, market, and distribute His Memoir. Eric’s third book, “Getting Your Book Into Libraries,” is based on his well-received article, “How To Get Your Book Into Libraries,” which became the top Google search result on the subject, and “Self Publisher’s Toolkit,” is a two-in-one resource that shows you how to self publish a book and then market it to Libraries.

Books by Eric Otis Simmons