Tom Brewer

Massachusetts, USA

Tom Brewer grew up and attended school in the small town
of Sudbury, Massachusetts. After serving as an electronics
technician in the United States Navy, he moved on to
a career with a major computer manufacturer, ultimately
owning his own computer consulting business.
In 1991, he began writing a daily journal, which morphed
into what you will be reading here. Upon retirement,
he attended several writing classes to further hone his writing
skills and allow him to put his story down on paper.
Tom considers himself to be, both a very lucky person and a very damaged one as
well. He feels lucky in that his education and training came easily to him. Beyond that,
he gives thanks that fate often placed him in the right place at exactly the right time,
throughout his life. On the other hand, he feels damaged by the fact that he was raised
in a very dysfunctional fashion, which you’ll read about within.
Currently, Tom is enjoying his retirement on Cape Cod in Massachusetts with his
wife, Linda,

Books by Tom Brewer