Trevor Foote


Rev. A. Trevor Foote has ministered in the Uniting Church in Australia (formerly Methodist) for the last 50 years.

After serving as a Methodist probationer for 3 years in Woodford, Queensland, followed by 3 years in the Dawson Valley, Central Queensland, Trevor was ordained and he was appointed to the Federal Methodist Inland Mission (West Kimberley Patrol), based in Broome, Western Australia, in January 1967. Trevor's four year's service in that context became the foundational experience on which his subsequent wholistic and successful ministry was built. Trevor's book, "Kimberley Horizons" tells the amazing story of his and his wife, Dawn's, ministry in Broome and the Kimberley during that time.

Following their Inland Mission work, Trevor and Dawn returned to Queensland and they have since ministered in 8 different urban, city and country contexts. They are now retired in Ipswich, Queensland where Trevor is Chairman of Habitat for Humanity. They both walk each day and play tennis.

Books by Trevor Foote