Webinar: How Photographers Make Money

It’s always exciting to partner with brands that are focused on what’s important: creatives and their success. We recently joined forces with ShootDotEdit and Jared Platt to do just that. Our live webinar for professional photographers, 4 Simple Product Ideas That Make You Money, is all about how photographers can monetize the amazing work they are already creating.

The educational event will be hosted by Adobe Expert and Professional Photographer Jared Platt, and Jared Bauman, President of ShootDotEdit.

Want to reserve your spot? The live webinar will be on Wednesday, June 6th at 10:00am PST. RSVP for free today!

How Photographers Make Money

There are a lot of different ways for professional photographers to generate revenue, and their shooting fee and selling products are just a couple. However, generating revenue isn’t the only way that photographers make money. Increasing their client base and referral network is also vital to growing and sustaining a professional photography business.

At its core, a photographer needs to utilize all the tools they have at their disposal to grow their business and make more money. And yet, being a small business owner means that time is of the essence. So, how can a professional photographer make more money without adding a lot more work?

Webinar Topics

In this live online training, Jared will walk through several strategies that photographers can use to increase revenue, without adding a lot of time to their workload. Jared is an Adobe Lightroom workflow expert, and will give a live demonstration of how to harness the power of Lightroom to streamline and optimize your efforts.

Turning your photography work into different products is a fantastic way to quickly generate more business and increase earnings, which is the focus of the webinar. Blurb’s Book Module in Lightroom integration makes it easy for a professional photographer to incorporate albums and books into their post-production workflow. When incorporated with ShootDotEdit’s fast, stylized editing, wedding and portrait photographers can quickly harness the power of turning their work into products to generate more business (and more money).

Jared will walk through four specific products that can be utilized to generate more business:

  • Portfolio Books
  • Proof Books
  • Client Albums
  • Vendor Books

The Importance of a Proof Book

A proof book is a great way to accomplish several business objectives with one, simple product. For starters, a it is a fun and engaging way for your client to review and experience their images. Nowadays, so many photographers only provide the finished images to their clients via the web, and printing the images in a proof book can really set you apart.

Proof Book

Additionally, a proof book shows your client what a printed book looks like, wetting their appetite for other printed products. If you haven’t been able to sell your client an album yet, this is one great way to tease the power of printed books to your clients.

Jared is a big believer in a proof book since it increases engagement and interest in the online gallery of final photographs.

“My clients are able to look through the book for their favorite images, and then go to the gallery to share and purchase them. It has increased their engagement in my online galleries, and also increased my print sales.”

One other benefit of a proof book is that it typically will sit out at your client’s house, perhaps on the coffee table, or dining room table. Or, your client might bring it into work, leaving it on their desk. Either way, a proof book increases the visibility of your work for future referrals.

Mental Focus: Start Small

If you’re like most small business owners, you probably don’t have a lot of free time. There is so much to do these days to maintain and grow a business, and so you might be thinking to yourself “Where am I ever going to find the time to offer these products to my clients?”

This is one of those tasks that has so many benefits, though. It can help you grow your business, strengthen your brand, make you more money, and make your clients happier. Which means everybody wins!

If you’re struggling to find the time, one tip is to start small. You don’t need to incorporate all four products into your workflow all at once. Instead, pick one and try it out.

Using Lightroom to order your Blurb books will streamline the process. Incorporating these offerings into your standardized client emails will also help.

At the end of the day, you can do it! Find the time by starting small, and don’t worry about making it perfect right out of the gate.

The Big Picture

Want to learn how to generate more business and money from each product, along with how to quickly incorporate the process into your Lightroom workflow? Our webinar can help. By the end of the one-hour event, you’ll have several great ideas to act on to grow your photography business and make more money.

Sign up now for this free online webinar on Wednesday, June 6th at 10:00am PST and secure your spot today. Space is limited! RSVP for free.  


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