Gift Guide:
Holiday 2022

Goofy, practical, eccentric—here are the perfect presents for every personality. Check everyone off your list with our favorite gifts from our favorite creators.

Gifts for foodies


  • Kim Cooks Sue Draws
    Kim Cooks Sue Draws
    Kim Mahan & Sue Clancy
    Pick this book for cookbook fans who love a twist. A chef and an illustrator teamed up to serve the perfect blend of cooking magic and wacky humor.
  • Gary Blake's Extraordinary Ordinary Cooking
    Common foods, easy-to-find ingredients, and a dash of entertaining tips. Delish!
  • Just Plain Good
    Just Plain Good
    Laura Gowling
    No frills, no fuss, just plain good cooking. The Zillennial Cook shares her first cookbook—quintessential for new and seasoned chefs alike!
  • Zip. Zero. Zilch
    Zip. Zero. Zilch
    Jillian Poll
    With drinks this good, there's no way they'll miss the booze. Gift this to anyone looking for an alcohol-free way to spice up their beverage game.

Gifts for entertainers

  • 60s New York City
    60s New York City
    Michael Seif
    The 60s were wild. Your giftee and their guests can revisit the beauty and chaos, whether they lived it or are interested in the NYC of yesteryear.
  • Fashion and Humor
    Fashion and Humor
    Claudia Mauner von Kaenel Gellert
    Fit for fashion aficionados, this book combines runway sketches and a sense of humor—ideal for starting conversations around a coffee table.
  • Nudes Nudes Nudes (In Art History)
    This cheeky graphic novel shares the (true) story of the most iconic nude works of art—perfect for your most artsy and irreverent friends.
"Photograph places and people you love. Eventually, those photographs become a time capsule—[I’m an] 80-year-old now, and my daughter, grandchildren, and old friends love to look back at life in the 1960s."
Michael Seif of 60s New York City

Gifts for kids


  • Grandma Makes the Christmas Cake
    Your favorite little chef will learn to bake creator Erica Graham's original family recipe in this nostalgic holiday story, perfect for tucking under the tree.
  • Wyatt the Pirate
    Wyatt the Pirate
    Michaela Tameling & Alexandria Bonner
    Inspire confidence in tiny adventurers! Michaela Tameling co-created this book for her firstborn, imagining all the epics they’d go on or dream up.
  • Santa's Rainbow Reindeer
    Rudolph move over; there's a new sleigh-ready group in town. Meet Santa's rainbow reindeer in this interactive story, illustrated by a 15 year old!
  • The Blanket Book
    The Blanket Book
    Ethan H. MacAdam
    A young boy and his teddy bear go on nighttime adventures to learn cooperation, stillness, and more. It’s a perfect bedtime story for little ones.

Gifts for hobbyists

"Wyatt the Pirate was the very first story I wrote when [my firstborn] was only a few months old. [It] includes a few of his closest friends one could have at a young age—two of his favorite stuffed animals and one of our family's dogs."
Michaela Tameling of Wyatt the Pirate

Gifts for comic fans


  • The Wee Stravaigers
    The Wee Stravaigers
    Morvern Anderson
    Join two friends on a trip in comic form. Anderson wrote this for adventurers, dreamers, ghost enthusiasts and—above all—Scotland fans!
  • The Truth About Bees
    What do you get when an artist, his child, and artificial intelligence team up to write a book? A wild ride you can't miss.
  • Success!
    Michael Johnson
    Part graphic novel, part musical play, Success! is a one-of-a-kind story that'll tickle your loved ones who adore art, music, and crime tales.
  • Alleycat 2.0: Pilot
    Alleycat 2.0: Pilot
    Gregory M. Guity
    Can a young cat defeat his city’s most notorious crime lord? Grab it for SWAT Kats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Darkwing Duck fans!

Gifts for travelers

  • Let's Go Camping Guide
    "You can't go wrong in gifting a copy to any camper, young or old," says RV LIFE. Make any camping trip easier, whether their first time or fiftieth.
  • people talk too much
    Adam Wright explores American cities using only film, and they can come along for the ride! It’s essential for your favorite traveler's coffee table.
  • Yellowstone
    Geoff Piper
    More than a national park, Yellowstone is an experience. This book captures the magic, combining history, science, and scenery through photography.
"I believe that anyone can make art a sacred practice… These custom-designed journals were intentionally [made] to be a simple tool that can hold your art, journaling, and intuitive flow all in one place."
Stephanie Ryan of EMPATH

Gifts for journalers


    Stephanie Ryan
    More than a journal, this is a safe space for your spiritual and artistic friends. There's room to write, paint, doodle, sketch, and record intuitive messages.
  • Things I Did Well
    Help your loved ones see what you do—how amazing they are! This notebook (and chatbook companion) helps them overcome impostor syndrome and shine.
  • Simple Steps
    Simple Steps
    Sarah Cate
    The ideal companion for anyone leaving home for the first time, this book breaks down big tasks like laundry and stocking a pantry into easy routines.
  • Feelings: A Mood Journal
    Studies show mood tracking can help identify and mitigate triggers. Help your giftee's mental health with a journal that makes reflection fun.

Wildcard gifts


  • The Birds in the Backyard
    Wander a stunning Australian backyard to uncover factoids on the Clever Cocky, Kookaburra, and many more feathered friends.
  • Unknowing
    Stacey Ryall
    Australia's haunted locales are unknown but terrifically terrifying. Roam spooky spots Down Under in a book appealing to history and mystery buffs.
  • Art Block
    Art Block
    DSTL Arts
    Explore the elusive LA Dream through art, poetry, and photography. Even better, all proceeds go back into free programs for emerging artists.
    Jeff Quinn at Hawk + Hive
    Jeff Quinn's latest gallery exhibition captures where turbulence meets the serene. They’ll be transported via portals into worlds that evoke wonder, majesty, and mystery.

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