Matthew Swarts

Somerville, Massachusetts, United States

I use computers to question some of the things I make with cameras.

I believe in photography’s ability to touch truth, but less so in our placing of importance on it having some kind of indexical relationship to what’s “real.”


The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
The Library of Congress, Washington, DC
The George Eastman Museum, Rochester, New York
The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago
Transformer Station, Cleveland, Ohio
The Collection of Fred and Laura Bidwell
The Ruttenberg Arts Foundation, Chicago
The Friends of Photography, San Francisco
The Decordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA
Light Work, Syracuse, NY
Princeton University
FLAK Photo Collection
The Polaroid Collection
The Museum of New Art
The Peter C. Bunnell Collection
The Collection of Gus and Arlette Kayafas
The Collection of Jim Fitts
The Collection of Jeffrey Keough
and other private collections

Books by Matthew Swarts