Tim Flack

San Diego, CAm USA

Tim Flack grew up with music and photography. Exposed to the guitar at an early age by two uncles and fascinated by a third uncle’s film cameras, he was drawn to the varied artistic expression that each medium provided.

The two art forms came together when, in the year 2000, he moved to San Diego and began exploring the vast community of talented musicians. He started bringing his camera to local music venues and found his experience as a musician gave him a unique perspective, allowing him to capture the purity, honesty and power of a stage performance.

Performance music photography led to long lasting bonds with many of the performers and collaborations on album covers and video projects along with the occasional promotional photo shoot. Every once in a while the itch to take the stage becames irresistable, leading him to join local acts like Podunk Nowhere, SweetTooth and Brooke Mackintosh for periods of time.

Books by Tim Flack