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This was the seventh "A Modern Night at the Folly" for City in Motion (MNF). Before this City in Motion put on a November showcase. The last such showcase was in 2002. The 2003 was cut and in its place the first Folly night in 2004.

Each time at the Folly, City in Motion has managed to fill up the house. Probably at least three quarters of the bottom floor was filled and most of the balconies. This time as well received a good deal more newspaper coverage. Possibly as a result, the audience didn't seem to have the same "dancerish" look to it but seemed to be more general in nature.

Overall the program ran quickly starting Thursday with general preparation, then the first tech on Friday and the last three techs on Saturday afternoon followed by company class and the show curtain at 8 pm.


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KCDance also (no surprise) has extensive pictures of dance in KC as well as data on dance companies, studios, instructors and more, offering a free database where dancers/studios may enter their own calendar information.

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