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A tanker ship that was photographed during her stay at the anchorage off Plymouth Brixham.

A ship that clearly shows the assymetry and lack of monotony that you can find onboard a steel island of 240m approx.


About the Author

Vasilis Evan
billyt9 Athens, Greece

“I am a technical oriented guy based in Athens, Greece. Self-taught in photography, my passion began with creating superficial reports, my alter ego and the subject of my self-portraiture. “I am interested in hitting the spot between technology and static appearance, employing digital means to capture the moments.
There is not always a method to capture the moment; sometimes it is about what work indicates me, fuelling an element of psychoanalytic interplay to keep my work asking as many questions as it tries to answer. “In showcasing my art, I also like to talk about my work and raise a dialogue, share methods and techniques, and learn from others. My Blurb books are a way to let all those parts of what I see during my visits at ships.”

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