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On 18th February 2010, writer and photographer Vanessa Able set out on a 11,000km road trip around India in a Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car. The journey spanned over three months and 18 states, encompassing giant cities and tiny villages, epic desert landscapes and mountainous peaks and ridges. Contained in this book are a collection of images from this amazing voyage that began and ended in India's largest metropolis, Mumbai. At the end of the book is an excerpt from the Nano Diaries, a blog she kept while on the road.


About the Author

Vanessa Able
vanessable London
After a stint travelling around the Middle East in early 2005, Vanessa Able settled in Istanbul and began to work as a correspondent for the Hewler Globe, northern Iraq’s first English-language weekly newspaper. During this time she also started contributing to Time Out Istanbul magazine, and in December 2005 became the Editor-in-Chief of its English edition. In addition to editing the monthly publication, Vanessa started writing about Istanbul for the Observer and Guardian newspapers, as well as other magazines such as Gulf Life, Taste Anatolia, before going on to contribute to Conde Nast’s travel website. Moving to Mexico City in 2007, Vanessa is now a freelance writer and reporter contributing to Esquire and National Geographic Traveler in Mexico City, as well as the New York Times. She has also worked extensively on two Time Out Guidebooks: Istanbul and Mexico City, and authored a book of walking tours in Istanbul for Insight Guides published in 2009.

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redtreeme says

There is meaning and feeling in every shot. Crafted with love. Excellent.

posted at 02:13pm Aug 18 PST


strasser says

Great Adventure
Great story
Great Pix
Great girl

posted at 03:07pm Aug 01 PST


Hannahshel says

This is a beautiful book. VANESSA is a highly talented photographer and writer. Experience her adventure with her as you turn each page.
It's not just a book filled with stunning images, it's gritty, real and captures India and it's people perfectly. I very much look forward to more books from her travels.

on her amazing adventure as each photo gives you a glimpse of VANESSA captures India's diversity perfectly from the gritty to the

posted at 02:05am Jul 31 PST


phasianusb says

Great photographs!
Love your blog too - what an amazing trip!
Highly recommended

posted at 12:59pm Jul 30 PST


bigfried says

I love your book, it has a wonderful sense of the country and it's people, and your whole project is admirable especially as it has such a great purpose. Good luck. I look forward to spending some time checking out your blog site and reading more of your trip.

posted at 02:36pm Jun 28 PST

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