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"Better In Tune" is a project about the world of Cartuning, Carbabes and Carpimping.

The rise of Cartuning is associated with the introduction of video game "Gran Turismo" for Sony Playstation in the 90s and the movie "The Fast And The Furious" in 2001.
Both showed everyday cars that were converted to supercars for racing.

These were the scene starters and many young people especially in the province and in rural areas saw the cars and heroes of the film as role models.
With Playstation people could identify with this role model.
The popular program "Pimp My Ride" on MTV elaborates on this further.
Naturally, this constitutes a contemporary version of, say "The Wild One" with Marlon Brando in the fifties, and the Mods and the Rockers in the Sixties.
Especially countries like Germany, Belgium, U.S. and Japan tuning is a large and diverse industry.
Young people spend a lot of money and much time tuning their car.
Because of this popularity, there are also many fairs, exhibitions and events.
A world with Internet forums, carbabes, movies, TV series and tuning salons.
There is an entire industry and lifestyle has developed around this mythical and archetypal world of adolescents.


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