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"If you want a book with a bunch of unnaturally perfect & beautiful photos and elegant pictures... this isn't it.

But if you want a book that will spark hours of interesting conversation about the nature of art and human behavior, that will provide endless smiles and the occasional incredulous gasp, that will make the viewer wish they had been a first-hand witness of such a unique and amazing interactive art experience... then THIS IS IT!!!

Trust me. You will LOVE having this book lying around on your coffee table at your next social event.

Would a guy who goes around calling himself Johnny Naked lie about something like that? I think not!"

--Johnny Naked
(Please visit the Official Project Site for info and a preview of the contents of the book.)

A description of the Ever-Changing Naked Picture Project:

From the LA Times
November 2, 2006

An art fee that'll make you blush!
by Cindy Chang
Special to the Times

"At Gallery 825 on La Cienega Boulevard, there is one piece of art that does not have a price tag.

The photograph, mounted on an easel near the entrance to the gallery, is of a naked person or persons, and it is occasionally replaced by another photograph of similar subject matter. A sign beckons in red capital letters: "Buy this art for free!"

Then comes the fine print. To claim your prize, the sign goes on to say, you must pose naked for the photographer. Your photo then becomes the next free offering -- free, that is, if it didn't cost you some of your dignity to stand in front of a camera with no clothes on.

This neat loop of nude commerce -- part performance art, part flea market barter, part laboratory for self-discovery -- is the product of Johnny Naked, whose artistic obsession is the human form in its unclothed glory."

This book contains all the images from the series created from January 2006 to November 2006.

Special Note: Johnny Naked will be donating 10% of his profits to the Burbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC) -- a local charity that provides clothing and food to the needy.

So, with every purchase you will not only be helping to support the artwork of Johnny Naked, you will be helping to clothe the NAKED!!!
(Just how much Good Karma can you stand?!!!)



About the Author

Johnny Naked
JohnnyNaked Los Angeles, CA USA

A prolific visual artist and filmmaker, Johnny's work has been exhibited at galleries and festivals in such cities as Toronto, London, New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Naked's installation/mixed-media project entitled The Ever-Changing Naked Picture Project has received attention/interest from people around the world, and was most notably profiled in a full-page article by the Los Angeles Times in November of 2006.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, California, making his living as a visual media artist through the crafts of: filmmaking, photography, writing, and acting.

Publish Date  November 14, 2011

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  60 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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