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PURE. Proud young mothers - When a young woman (16 - 22 years old) decides to keep her baby, who are we to judge and disapprove of her choice? She chose LIFE.

9 Stories and 30 portraits of PUUR. Trotse tienermoeders (2009) are now available in English translation. RESPECT! In the Netherlands being a 'teenmom' is the real last taboo. With teenage pregnancy numbers almost the lowest of the world, they're rejected and prejudiced. All portraits are 100% Photoshop FREE.

With PURE. my goal was to try to create a change in the way people think about being a young parent.

In 2011 I made PURE. part two, 34 women who became mother at age 16-22. These mothers wrote down their stories in their own words. (Dutch) Check:
Some of them starred in PURE. part 1.

I would like the world to focus on the beauty of our world and the people living in it. Often this beauty is not seen... Photography is focussed to violence, war and famine....but this is just the ugly world. Make love, not war. Live, and let live. Everybody is worth it!
More of my work:

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Studio: Fotostudio en Opleidingen Backer & Rueb gebouw Speelhuislaan 173 Breda, the Netherlands
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About the Author

MeRy/Melanie Rijkers [1971], married to photographer Hans van Nunen [1967], living and working in Breda as Artstudio23. Atelier/office: Huis voor Beeldcultuur, Reigerstraat 16, Breda. (the Netherlands, though Melanie accepts jobs worldwide) Artistic photography and reportages since 1996. Member of GKf, professional photographers of the Netherlands. Hans joined Artstudio23 fulltime in 2007, after having worked as a professional decorator for 15 years. Now they're both specialised in weddings, portraits & business photography. Hans en MeRy, professioneel fotograaf sinds 1996. Voor trouwreportages, familie-, baby- en kinderportretten, bedrijfsfotografie, evenementen en eigen ontwerp fotoboeken.

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