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The story begins with events that are actually occurring today; the war and the need for fossil fuels and religion, our hunger for material and spiritual desires.

The main premise is the fossil fuel (oil) is, unknown to mankind, a natural hydraulic system which keeps the surface of the planet in a natural order. The Earth´s crust floats on this vital material. By removing it, we are creating a disaster of a magnitude never experienced by mankind. Natural disasters occur around the Earth and a third of the Earth’s population is eliminated.

A young Marine Lieutenant of the Mormon faith is caught up in this disaster and during this massive release of pressure, experiences a great energy vortex and receives a Moses-type revelation. He becomes the modern Moses and he explains and helps to transform the people of Earth to a better understanding of how we should be living and what is our rightful place on the planet.

Through his revelations, mankind is made to understand that we are not separate from the planet and the universe but are in fact a very intrinsic part of the whole. He teaches how to heal the planet, how to provide food for everyone without killing fellow creatures, how to create natural shelter. He teaches liberation from every living thing on the planet and how to make themselves independent.

He moves mankind from materialism to spiritualism, from religion to pure energy. His teaching leads man to break through the physical and reach the state of pure energy.


About the Author

Hector Rousseau

Hector Rousseau is an entrepreneur who owned and operated a chain of personnel recruiting firms and was chosen by president Ronald Reagan to serve on the select committee for the unemployed. He is also an inventor, who has received issued patents. He enjoys writing poetry, science fiction, children's stories and has a passion for history.
He dedicates this book to what is closest to his heart; the Earth's human resource. "May there come a time when we, human kind, learns to live in harmony with the Earth and some day step from this world and venture into the vast reaches of space. For now, we need to explore our inner-space.

Publish Date  April 15, 2013

Dimensions  Trade  264 pgs   Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Science Fiction & Fantasy

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