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“For we need a little Christmas, right this very minute ….”

Forget the craziness – we do it to ourselves.
The holidays will come and go whether we are prepared or not.
They do every year.

Instead, make some hot chocolate or some egg nog and sit with your loved ones and actually …well ENJOY them for a change.

Watch the Christmas classics on TV and laugh.
Reminisce of Christmas gone by to perhaps a happier time.
Whatever it is that you need to do to actually enjoy this wonderful season, well
Do it…

It’s not about the gifts, combating the malls, the Kris Kringle at work, who’s house looks the nicest, who is paying LIPA the most $ for the most Christmas lights …

Look inside and find out what Christmas is to you and smile like a child would at Christmas.
It is still within us all.

Now – please Look inside the book
Only first 15 pages can be previewed.
Inside the book you will find
A lot of cool Christmas history and origins, as well as a few simple holiday recipes, My holiday poetry written with all my heart and soul and of course my dry humor and lots of laughter thrown in. My very own version of Dickens “A Christmas Carol”, just lots of cool stuff, I promise you …
More importantly than anything else, I think this book will leave you with a smile on your face and in your hearts as you recapture the spirit of Christmas within.

Great holiday gift idea – hint hint
: )

May everyone have a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous Holiday Season !!!
Best wishes for 2009



About the Author

YDONTIFITIN Levittown, Long Island, New York - U.S.A.

41 ...& Life Has Only Just Begun ...

Lil is short for Lillian.
I don't care what you call me, Just call me . : )

It's been quite the Journey & The Saga Continues. As the stomach turns. LOL
I've led a full life & it's been far from easy but I always survive & always will, because "I'm Just Me" ..."I'm Just Lil"

I have a cat son and a dog daughter & what's better than that !!!

I am the person who tries to make everyone laugh & usually succeeds. Laughter is the best medicine.
I would love to attempt "stand up" comedy one day.

I have been writing since I am 12 years old and find it most gratifying.
Getting your thoughts out on paper is one of the best forms of "therapy" to let it all out.

I'm a total "People" person.
I am blessed with wonderful family & friends in high & low places.

I get along with all walks of life and especially love children & animals.

I can be quite serious but I'm a big kid at heart and a big goofball...

I love Music, Reiki & Life

Publish Date  November 16, 2008

Dimensions  Small Square  40 pgs Standard Paper

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