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LO SGUARDO VAGO E ALTRE STORIE features my photographic experiences in the most diverse locations (from Italy to France, Denmark, Norway to Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau and more) with the selective focus technique over the last two years (2006 - 2008).

Selective focus basically means that in the frame just a portion (which the photographer is usually able to choose and select via a bellow or shifting gear) of the subject is in focus, and all of the other elements of the composition are out of focus, blurred - that can happen in various manners, depending on the type of lens used and the technique applied.

A tech note - for those of you who might be interested. The photos in this book have been taken with the Canon EOS 5D d-SLR (used in "raw" mode) and the selective focus has been obtained from the Lensbaby lens in its "Original" and "2.0" versions; the lens has been used, like a regular Canon EF lens, in aperture priority or manual exposure modes.

This book does not feature the photos included in my previous book "The Japanese Haunting".


About the Author

Luca Lacche
LucaLacche Treviso, Veneto, Italy
Luca is a fine art photographer working in Treviso-Venice, Italy. He began shooting in the 1980s with 35mm film cameras. In the ’90s, his extensive traveling—mainly to the USA—further increased his desire to make photography a bigger part of his life. A few years ago he decided to “go pro” and began working for stock photo agencies. After not feeling satisfied with shooting stock, Luca turned his more artistic eye to the fine art market, allowing him to be more free in his self-expression. He fell in love with the “imperfect” optics of Holga and Diana cameras, but was found himself moving toward hi-tech digital cameras. When he happened upon the Lensbaby, he found what he calls “home.” Even though he started with the Lensbaby 2.0, after a while he chose the Original Lensbaby; he is now experimenting with the new Lensbaby lenses, the Composer and the Muse with their set of interchangeable optics, still using his full-frame Canon d-SLRs, currently an 1Ds Mark III and a 5D Mark II.

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The Japanese Haunting - Fine Art Photography photo book
Published December 08, 2008

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