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When Marilyn Monroe died, she conspired with the Gods to be reunited with JFK in the afterlife. Director Richard Newton’s perspective on the love triangle between JFK, Jackie O., and Marilyn Monroe. When Mary Lynne (Monroe) overdoses on a bowl of Phenobarbital Cheerios, Johnny (JFK) and Jackie hop the Greyhound and head for Tijuana. They meet the philosophical Plato, who takes them on a festive romp through the circus like atmosphere of Tijuana. Along the way, he introduces them to the Greek Gods and a succession of unusual erotic acts, each of which culminates in a slo-mo re-enactment of the Zapruder film. The shooting triggers flashbacks, which reveal how Marilyn, JFK and Jackie O. met and why Marilyn committed suicide. Needless to say, Mary Lynne (Monroe) conspires with the Gods to be reunited with JFK in the afterlife. Alone, Jackie is left to fend for herself as Orpheus chases her through the streets and alleyways of Tijuana. Finally, she is forced to escape to the Greek Isles, in a small boat with Plato (Aristotle). small white house played to sold out festival audiences in Europe and America. The film won awards in Spain and Portugal and was broadcast on Spanish television. small white house stars Cristina Kuta, Brian Doyle-Murray (as JFK’s dad), Enrico Boettcher, Orb Kamm, Heather Elias, Charles C. Hill and Iris Parker. The screenplay was written by Richard Newton and Joy Nicholson. Rick Castro worked as production and costume designer. small white house is beautifully shot by Sven Kirsten. Nicolas Dodet composed the wonderfully eclectic soundtrack.


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Richard Newton
R_NewtonBook California, USA
Richard Newton has shown artworks, artists’ books, films & videos and presented live performances and site-specific installations throughout the world. Some performances by Newton have found him in unusual places. For the PUBLIC SPIRIT FESTIVAL, the audience found him performing behind a chained door in a downtown derelict hotel. Titled, Get Under The Table, Don’t Look at the Windows, this performance dealt with alcoholism, family relationships, the nature of infinity and the threat of nuclear destruction. At New York’s P.S. 1, he installed an isolated desert landscape. The entire landscape, which filled an entire room was manufactured from flattened tin cans, broken beer bottles, and slices of bread. In the summer of 2012, Richard travelled to Tromsø, Norway to participate in the 13th International Ibsen Conference. The conference normally reserved for scholars, invited 4 artists. One each, from Asia, Africa, Europe and Newton from USA.

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