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When life is terrible, you make a safe place in your head and live there.
At thirteen Sim is kept imprisoned in his home by a family who hate him and a government which, rightly, sees him as a danger.
When Sim escapes, worlds come together and pull apart, leaving him somewhere entirely different, in a new world where his extraordinary capablities are appreciated and he is loved.
Happy ending? No. Sim's past has left him deeply flawed and when his own world catches up with him, he can't tell good from bad or right from room.
All he knows is that he'll do anything, anything at all to save the world inside his head- and he does.


About the Author

Jak Brienhead
Jakbrien neston, Cheshire, England
i'm a Londoner at heart but now live in the Wirral, the little peninsula between Liverpool and North Wales. I work as a university lecturer teaching students training to be teachers. As my specialist area is Literacy, one of my greatest concerns is preventing a our education system creating a generation of 'Can read, won't read' young students. This is why I wrote Sim: I wanted to create a pacy, challenging book which can be read at several levels. Students are quick to sniff out and reject anything which condescends, preaches or tries to sugar-coat an educational purpose. I really hope Sim does none of those things. For family reasons (I'm English and therefore deeply reticent about personal stuff) all the proceeds from Sim are going to cancer research.

Publish Date  February 07, 2009

Dimensions  Pocket  314 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Science Fiction & Fantasy

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