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Inspired by the decision to follow my heart, leave everything and travel to Europe for 3 1/2 months, this book confirms that when you follow your heart anything is possible!

"While I was traveling a pattern started to emerge. Whenever I was following my heart, I would see hearts everywhere, and when I wasn’t, I didn’t. It was that simple. Like a map, I was guided by my feelings."

At 7" x 7" and 40 pages long, with 20 original, natural heart photographs and a poem about what it means to follow your heart, it makes a great gift or reminder to always follow your heart.


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Tracy Kelly
rainbowwarri London, Ontario, Canada

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atadesigner says

Hi Tracy, very beautiful book, and amazing photos, keep up the good work and hope to see more book from you!

posted at 02:05pm Aug 01 PST


rainbowwarri says

Dear Ross,
Thankyou so so much for your beautiful comments. I too have collected heart-shaped rock and have quite a collection now. But taking pictures of them is a lot easier, for sure :)
I am so honoured that you shared Grace's message with me. Thankyou. It is beautiful...So profound for a 4 years old, you know that it was coming through her from a higher source.
I do hope to have Love Is Everywhere published so that more people can hear the message, and your comments have helped to inspire me to try sending it out.
Your message it quite timely, so thankyou from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement.

posted at 05:53am Nov 08 PST


RossGetman says

I'm going to buy this for my wife for Christmas after figuring out any other purchases for shipping purposes. Over the years I've collected heart-shaped rocks for my wife. Once on a 3-month backpacking trip in Southeast Asia, she didn't tell me -- as I carried her backpack -- that she was collecting rocks. After that I began collecting heart-shaped rocks -- which tended to be lighter. ; ) But I like your idea and execution even better. I fully expect a mainstream publisher to pick this up for next Christmas. I think it would be a best-seller. Thanks for pricing it so that it is affordable. A hardcover with dust jacket would be really nice too.

My daughter when she was just a few years old started talking to my wife one night while putting her to sleep. My wife raced out of the room to try to take down what she was saying. It was a poetic call to "Follow Your Heart." She was so young and what she was saying was so profound that my wife couldn't help stop crying. I'm going to search my hard drive and post a second message if I can find it.

And it of course would be an incredible Valentines Day present.

posted at 01:37am Nov 08 PST


lindsayames says

wow what an amazing book!
i'm voting for you :)
I'm from Vancouver/T.O but i'm living in L.A
come see my book if you like it please vote on it

posted at 06:36pm Nov 04 PST


wdguezv says

Awesome Book, amazing photos!!!

posted at 03:28pm Oct 23 PST


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