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The journey across Europe, from West to East and back again, is one which can be undertaken with relish by any true romantic. Fine cityscapes give way to secluded suburbs and hidden alleyways, vulnerable beaches to quiet country lanes and mysterious lakes, rivers and harbours to vast, open fields and meadows, each offering its own unique and inspirational mood.

My personal thanks go out to all the wonderful European citizens who not only made this book possible, but ensured my adventure was both rich and exciting, as well as to those brusque officials who, by turns, opened my eyes and put a smile on my face!


About the Author

Nige Burton
Nige820 Fleetwood, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Nige Burton is a freelance writer, novelist and travel journalist. His work has been featured in numerous national and local publications. A passionate photographer, he has travelled widely throughout the UK, Europe and Asia capturing locales as diverse as the windswept St Kilda archipelago, Chernobyl, Transylvania’s verdant woodlands, the vast plains of Siberia, and the thriving cityscapes of Budapest, Zurich, Prague, Cracow, Copenhagen, St Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Beijing to name but a few. He lives in the sleepy seaside town of his birth on England’s north west coast.

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jamiesjones says

This hugely evocative coffee table book depicts a variety of European locations with an insight that you'll adore. The design is refreshingly unfussy, allowing the vibrant images to speak for themselves. Some of the places you'll recognise, but others - Chernobyl and St Kilda spring to mind - won't be high on many people's holiday shortlists, so it's great to have a glimpse of Europe's many wonders. The charming descriptions reveal a great deal about each image, so it's informative as well as beautiful. Highly recommended!

posted at 01:34pm Aug 22 PST


chrisl7ove says

European Moods contains wonderful photographs each drawing us in to live for a moment in settings stunningly captured and brought to life by Nigel Burton. We are enlightened with thoughtful and somewhat poetic dialogue that describes beautifully the places we find ourselves transported too. This is a book to be treasured and kept close by so we can travel again and again through Europe as we turn each page. Christine Olsen-Bailey

posted at 04:15am Aug 17 PST

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