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This photojournalist book on The Parliament Buildings, which are located in Bridgetown, had its inception when I visited the Barbados National Heroes Gallery and the Museum of Parliament in December of 2008. After touring the impressive museum which centers on those men and women who fought and championed for the rights of freedom and the democratic ways of life, I was literally blown away. And by the time the tour guide led me over to the East Wing where the Lower House and The Upper House of Parliament reside, I was convinced I had to put together some sort of photo book on the Parliament Buildings.

My goal with this book is to enlighten the masses of the beautiful old structures that still remain on the lovely island of Barbados. The Parliament Buildings, two huge structures that are parallel to each other, are a testament to the island’s long famed Democracy and even longer Parliament history.


About the Author

Keith Clarke
pifocus Brooklyn, NY, USA

I am a photographer like many other photographers. Just trying to find that near perfect blend of light, color, and composition can become illusive. My hope, as always, is to create an image that represents what I saw before I took the picture.

Moreover, if the image I create provokes discussion and some interest, then the image has done its job.

My goal is always to keep the picture in focus.

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