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Since that hot afternoon on June 25 1876, historians and non-academic observers have pondered what actually happened at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Drawing upon a wealth of Native American testimony, Finlay constructs a refreshing account of the battle and its legacy from the perspective of the tribes who fought against Custer.

Beginning in 1868, Peji Sla Okicize plots the series of events that led to the battle and how the Native American involvement has been portrayed since 1876.

Finlay's piece is a sterling study full of interesting anecdotes, accessible arguments and coherent and novel explanations for what happened that day.

A must for Wild West enthusiasts as well as the serious academic.


About the Author

Amadeus Charles Johnston Finlay. MA. Hons
AmadeusDude Edinburgh, Scotland

Amadeus Finlay graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Masters in Modern History. He has specialised in Native American history since the mid-1990s and is currently researching his second book, 'Why? The Truth Behind Custer's Fall'.

Following the completion of 'Why?', he plans to return to academia to pursue a PhD. in American history.

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