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Bamboo, incense, aging wood, delicate flowers, larking floors, twisting pines, stoic and gentle faced stone and bronze statues; reds, greens, browns, the gentle up turn of a roofing cable....all memories of Japan. Come inside and see what we saw.

A fulfillment of a promise to take my son anywhere he wanted if he did well in school. He chose Japan, and what a trip it was. These pictures document the time I spent one on one with my son. Looking at how time flies, a rare opportunity indeed.


About the Author

Kevan Barton
KevanB Kapolei, Hawaii, USA
Older in body than I want to be; younger in mind than my body wants to follow. I love my world. My pictures let my mind fly, but my body can stay in the easy chair. But, not too long though. My mind commands, "Up and out", with camera in hand to put the world on to paper that reflects my vision. The one with the camera owns the past, and it is my vision that others will come to accept as their own memories.

Publish Date  September 29, 2009

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  336 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Travel

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Comments (4)


Juj_Barton says

Serenity! I can't wait to visit that place! Until then, I'll just fill my house with decorations from there. Ü

posted at 09:30am Oct 30 PST


Grace72 says

You have such talent! Viewing your photos is like stepping into the scene. Thanks for sharing your book, it's beautiful.

Get my vote for certain!!!!!!!

posted at 02:22pm Oct 29 PST


Oremualdo says

Japan is such a perfection, such in nature and art! so extremly rafinated!

Get my vote !

posted at 03:34pm Oct 28 PST


babysessions says

I know that I have never been to Japan, but because of you I want to see the place for myself. If I don't ever get to, that is fine. You seem to capture true beauty and essence in your photographs. These pictures in your book seem like a fairytale. You are very lucky and fortunate to go see places like Japan.

posted at 06:14pm Oct 23 PST

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