Make a beautiful fixed-format ebook with Blurb

Our book-making tools let you create graphically rich fixed-layout ebooks for the iPad® that keep your layouts and designs exactly how you intended them—and even add a few tricks. Here’s how.


Make your book

Make your book.
When you use BookWright™ (our downloadable book-making tool) to create a book, you can publish it in print, as an ebook, or both. BookWright keeps it all tidy for you in one book project file. You can also use Adobe® InDesign®to make an ebook—our InDesign plug-in has an iPad-specific template built right in.


Make it digital

Make it digital.
Already have a Blurb book you created with BookSmart or another tool? No problem. You can convert any Blurb book to an ebook using our online conversion tool. To get started, just go to your book list and click the link to convert your print book to ebook.


Fix and enhance

Fix and enhance.
Because ebooks have different sets of rules than print books (mostly around fonts), we make it easy to adjust for those differences in your ebook. Our tools come with fully-licensed epub-compatible fonts built right in. You can also make ebook-specific enhancements and adjustments, such as adding links, audio, or video.


Publish share and sell

Publish, share, and sell.
When you're done, publish your ebook for just and sell it on Blurb or in the Apple iBookstore at any price you choose (it takes just one click to submit for extended distribution). We also make it easy to share and promote your book on Facebook or Twitter. Learn more about what you can do with an ebook.


We can help

Stuck? We can help.
Our customer support center has an entire section all about ebooks. You can also check out our list of ebook-friendly fonts and see what others have done in our enhanced ebook gallery.


More book creation tools

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Any book you create with Blurb’s book-making tools can be purchased as a standard fixed-layout ebook for iPad—all with a click of a button and without hiring a designer.


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