Esther Wagner


After graduating from high school I spent a year in Turkey, volunteering for an NGO which tried to enable young turkish streetboys to get off the streets and start a new living. After that I traveled through Syria and Lebanon for about three weeks and discovered my passion for the region. I enrolled to study Political Sciences, Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic at the university Sciences Po in Menton (France) and spent my third year of my Bachelor's in Beirut (Lebanon) to further strengthen my Arabic skills. Throughout my studies the topics of Palestine and women in the Middle East became my two focus areas and during the summer of 2012 I finally had the chance to bring the two together. I moved to Palestine and for two months from August to October, worked on this research book about Palestinian women, I was invited to their homes, listened to their stories and got to know their families, the outcome of my research is this book: Women like us. I hope you will enjoy reading it!

Books by Esther Wagner