Leanna Waldron

Lancaster, PA

Leanna Waldron is a self-taught graphic designer with a passion for books (specifically history and biographies), coffee (specifically with lots of creamer and sugar), dogs, satire and scary movies. In her free time she loves creating visually-interesting informational pieces that illustrate a true topic, such as the Dust Bowl, tardigrades, rogue waves, vultures, the Four Pests Campaign and the Night Witches. She also spent 2016 writing and designing two books about fascinating 100-year old stories—Theodore Roosevelt's 1913 trek into the heart of the Amazon and Sir Ernest Shackleton's disastrous 1914 trip to Antarctica.

She lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with her husband and a 14-year old chihuahua.

To see examples of her work, visit leannawaldron.com.

Books by Leanna Waldron