Plenilune Magazine

Kansas City, Missouri

Plenilune (n): The full moon.

Plenilune Magazine is a quarterly series that reflects our ethereal dream world we crafted for this dreamy and whimsical fantasy existence. Our print and digital publication is filled with thought-provoking artwork, fashion editorials, articles, interviews, and so much more. The varied international genres of artists featured in our magazine all succeed in depicting mysterious, powerful, and timeless masterpieces in a variety of otherworldly settings and scenes in a way that almost makes it feel like you can step into the pages and be there yourself. We strive to feature talented and inspiring artists of all mediums, giving them the exposure and recognition we believe they deserve. Being able to support and provide an outlet for the art and visions of many creative minds and spirits spanning across the globe is one of our main goals. Submit today for a chance to be featured!

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