Pauline Edwards

Victoria, BC, Canada

Pauline Edwards was raised in Victoria, BC in a big house, not too far from downtown. Born to an English teaching mother and a French teaching father, she developed a queer fascination of grammar early on in life. This eventually led to a Bachelor of Science in Linguistics from the University of Victoria where she learned many juicy tidbits about languages near and far.

Pauline's writing is inspired by nature, relationship and spirituality. She published her first collection of poetry, "Conversations With The Sun And The Moon," in 2004. Also an accomplished musician and songwriter, she released her debut musical album "There Comes A Time" in the Spring of 2009.

Pauline continues to reside in Victoria where she enjoys the island life, the company of Garry Oaks and Arbutus, and the tourists' syntax.

Books by Pauline Edwards