Scottish engineer Stan Hall (1936 - 2008) was born in Edinburgh and raised in nearby Dunbar. As a nine year old in, newsreels of blitzed cities and concentration camps opened his mind to a vision of two kinds of people in the world – in every sense of the words – Builders and Destroyers!

In parallel with university studies and an interdisciplinary career in building, he explored ancient engineering, civilizations and mytho-history, concluding that South America is the 'Missing Page of Prehistory' and 'Interplanetary Catastrophism' the missing link in the Creation – Evolution controversy.

After catalysing a landmark expedition to the Cave of the Tayos in Ecuador in 1976, Hall began a personal odyssey to the heart of global enigmas.

His four books, Tayos Gold, Tayos Dawn, Tayos Fever and Savage Genesis contain all his research and theories collated over a lifetime.

Books by STAN HALL