Clive Cable

Bournemouth UK

Clive Cable began his journey in sales in 1986 working door-to-door commission only. In 1990 Clive put his sales skills to work on paper as a direct-response copywriter. He has written letters that have successfully started companies from scratch. One of his adverts stayed in a national magazine, for 18 months, unchanged. This launched his own company. Since 1995 Clive has been giving seminars and workshops on innovate marketing and proven sales strategies. His latest work was developed from advanced neuro -linguistic programming.

Clive studied with Kenrick Cleveland, one of the world’s highest paid sales and persuasion trainers. From time to time Clive tests and refines his concepts by selling home improvement products on a commission only during these tough times. He still consistently breaks company sales records with ease.

Books by Clive Cable