Damian Hevia

Houston, Texas, USA

“My thirst for absinthe knowledge began with my artist-father’s stories of hanging with Hemingway in Havana’s heyday. This journey went through the misinformation cloud and into enlightenment of truth, taking me to Pontarlier, France and Val de Travers, Switzerland. Learning from respected absintheurs, and motivated by the pictorial history of absinthe, I began composing images.
With 29 years of professional experience, I turned away from the client driven exactitude of advertising product photography. I wanted a different result, satisfying my visual sensibilities and my subject—absinthe. I sought a more artistic creation of a scene. Solving the puzzle of a photograph from concept to technique is what drives me, as I try to capture my images ‘through-the-lens’, without the aid of digital manipulation. These absinthe related images are a satisfying pursuit, which has led to branching out into food and drink photography. This exhibition is a distillation of my ongoing body of work.”

Books by Damian Hevia