Eliot Gomez

Cincinnati, OH

We have been blessed to be a part of so many beautiful scenes in our journey as photographers. Whether playing with orphans in Bogota, rediscovering the character of a city, or capturing the moment the groom sees his bride for the first time, photography connects us to a greater Vision. Weddings are our passion because we see the beginning of new life, the height of love, and the joy of all those celebrating with them. With photography, we create a Vision of the day that ensures that beauty will not be forgotten.

However, this Vision does not end with the art created. We believe that photography can be a powerful tool to bring hope. Places like Luz y Vida, an orphanage in Colombia, hold our hearts and we want our work to extend further than just the wedding day. We want to give back to places like these to perhaps change the life of a child. This is the Vision. And we continue the Vision to inspire beauty, share in life, and encourage love for the purpose of giving hope.

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