D W Curry


D W Curry is from Georgia and has been in business, manufacturing, and design all his life. As a U.S. patent holder in the sports arena, Curry has had equipment he designed and made used to achieve wins on various professional golf tours. Currently residing in Georgia, Curry continues to light a fire under the apathetic, the non-opinionated, and the non-comedic. Sometimes not knowing whether Curry's tongue is stuck in his cheek lends a little electricity to a discussion only to find that he may have been yanking your chain all along. His books are his latest undertaking as he describes himself as having a "rather uneventful life of painting, photography, sculpture, politics, sports, car payments, mortgages, tournament victories, squirrel chasing, and other mundane moments that the U.S. elitist society refer to as, "what the hell are you talking about?.""
His books will probably make you scratch your head, get mad, or not care anymore as Curry discusses what the real common man thinks.

Books by D W Curry