Jason Sealey

Columbia, TN, USA

Jason evolved his love of art and photography from his love of music. He started as a musician at the age of 10. At 18 he started drawing and creating artwork for the band he was playing with at the time. A year later he was part of a production company called Tri-Blade Productions that helped bands get their albums made and produced concerts and benefits. He later worked for Printertainment producing books and CD’s for the Entertainment Industry. Jason and his wife Chelsea then started a printing and graphics company. That’s where Jason discovered his love of photography, Chelsea did the photography for the company but after a while Jason started to take over the photography side of things and fell in love with it.
Jason studied all different kinds of photography. He later attended Watkins College of Art where he was on the Dean’s List and was awarded several scholarships for an outstanding portfolio.

Books by Jason Sealey