Jesus Equihua

Costa Mesa, CA, United States

Based in the South Coast Metro area near Costa Mesa, CA, Jesus Equihua is a professional Graphic Designer. He has studied at Golden West College, where he completed their rigorous and well-established Digital Arts program. He loves to challenge himself in undertaking new and exciting projects. In addition to the Digital Arts program at Golden West College, he completed two semesters of a special internship offered by the Digital Arts department, under the guidance of Sean Glumace, David Dluzak, and Debbie Bales.

He currently works doing his own design under J. Equihua Design and freelance client work. On the side, Jesus works on a podcast called Electric Break Podcast as co-host, co-producer, and designer. He also works on his own electronic music as Pixelon. He occasionally assists on a panel named Full Time Creative Work on a Part Time Schedule.

Books by Jesus Equihua