j ocean dennie


j ocean dennie's photography has evolved over the past five years to the point where he is finally comfortable in unleashing his imagery upon the world!

With respect to his words, over the past ten years, j ocean dennie's poetry has been published widely in Canada. Broken Pencil Magazine once described his work as “legitimate revolutionary slowburn” while noting his "great ability to notice the mundane and create a scene of drama and intrigue".

He was a fixture on the Toronto spoken word scene from 1998 until 2004 before setting off on an extended pilgrimage through India. While there, his harrowing brush with death in the tsunami led to a profound personal transformation, deeply affecting his writing and photography from that point forward. He currently resides in Wisconsin with his wife and still has dreams of the sea.

His work is primarily influenced by the eccentric, the wondrous, the spirit-filled...faces and places and the stories they tell!

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