Bianca Worthy

Newcastle, Australia

Hello fellow readers *waves*
How lovely that you have stumbled along to my profile and found one of my works. The novel that has been published on this wonderful website is called My Angel (and yes, just in case you thought I was bluffing I did write it at 15 yrs old. That is truth.)
I have been writing since the age of 13. I have completed a few stories previously to writing my current novella and they too will eventually be available to purchase via my profile or the Blurb book store. I have many other stories to complete and publish in the future so don't be afraid to visit this page as often as you like, to keep updated, whenever I publish another novel. Thank you for reading this and I hope all of you find my novel interesting. :-) Have a lovely day! And Happy Reading.

NOTE FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY: If you know me personally I will happily order the book on your behalf and get it to you, for the requested purchase price.

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